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Freshman Orientation

EVHS Link Crew  Welcomes all new Cougars!


August 7th

8am - 1:30 PM

In the gym



Welcome Rally & Orientation


 ID, Schedules & Books picked up

(Picnic Lunch Provided)

Dear Parents of the Class of 2022:

We are very excited that your child will be attending Evergreen Valley High School and we look forward to meeting your student on Freshmen Orientation Day Tuesday, August 7th 2018.  Your student will be participating in EVHS’ Link Crew Program in which our very own EVHS students will help ease the transition from middle school and pave the way for a successful high school career.

The Orientation Day is designed to welcome and support freshmen by assigning them a link leader as a mentor and a crew of fellow freshmen to connect with during their first year. The link leader is an older student who is hand selected for their leadership abilities and knowledge of the school. Throughout the school year, we will have activities and fun that will provide support and connection for your student.

Important Information for Orientation Day:

  • Fill out the online registration form letting us know if your child will participate 
  • A few days before the orientation your student will receive a phone call from their prospective Link Crew Leader informing them about the upcoming orientation.
  • Your student is encouraged not to bring a backpack or other bulky items that they will need to carry.  Students will be participating in physical activities and it is better that they not have any extra supplies with them.
  • Your student is encouraged to wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict their movement as it will be an active day in which your student participates and interacts with their peers.
  • Please be prompt, student activities start promptly at 8:00 am and will end promptly at 12:00 pm
  • There will be a Freshmen class picnic starting at 12:00 pm and students will be able to get their ID card Pictures, Class Schedules and books until 1:30 pm.  Your student can have all they need for the first day of school ahead of time. 
  • This is a student only function.  Please visit the parent meeting that will be happening at the same time in the Theatre that morning.  Parents can meet with the Principal and Administrative staff as well as representatives from EVHS’ PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)


EVHS Main Gym

Start Time: 8:00 AM

End Time: 1:30 PM


EVHS Theatre

Start Time: 8:00 AM

End Time: 9:00 AM


 Freshmen Picnic from 12:00 - 1:30 PM Freshmen Books, ID Cards & Class Schedule pickup

We look forward to meeting you and your student on EVHS Orientation Day!


Princpal's Welcome Message